Group West considers Post Construction services of equal or greater importance than any of the services it provides.

During this stage, we confirm all aspects of the project have been completed as agreed. This phase is also the commencement of our warranty and support services program.

Post construction services could include any of the following:

  • Obtaining certificates of Occupancy
  • Providing As-Built and Shop Drawings
  • Commissioning of Equipment and Building Operation
  • Assistance with move-in
  • Facility and systems turnover, including:
    • Starting of all utilities and operating systems
    • Presenting of:
      • Equipment brochures
      • Equipment manufacturers and service providers
      • Warranties, operations and maintenance manuals
      • List of sub-contractors
  • On site training for staff and management on operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment turned over
  • One year warranty
  • Back-up for non-warranty issues