Architectural Design, Engineering, and Management


Our service team consists of a group of design, engineering and economics professionals with diverse backgrounds. We customize our services to clients’ needs and are:

  • A single source for all professional services
  • Innovative with a preference for the design and engineering of functional, pleasing and cost effective environments, structures and systems
  • Committed to the reduction of waste and promulgate re-use, recycling and the purchase of environmentally responsible products and materials where possible
  • Socially and environmentally responsible


The services offered span the entire project life cycle from concept through to feasibility, design, engineering, procurement and construction to project completion and operations. They encompass:

  • Practical planning, engineering and management assistance at any point in a project
  • Dealing with issues arising from the constant changes in the business, financial and regulatory environments
  • Assistance in structuring and financing projects and risk allocation


  • Planning, building and interior design
  • Civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental, geotechnical and process engineering
  • Landscape design
  • Building permit and development permit approval
  • Co-ordination with utilities, civic and other authorities
  • Dealing with regulatory issues
  • Cost estimating
  • IT, telecommunications and security